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Supernatural eye-boners
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Visually pleasing screencaps, icons, picspams, what-have-yous of our lovely Supernatural men & women
This here is a place for posting the flail-inducing men and women of the tv show Supernatural.

Rules are pretty basic:

1. Posts should include some form of eyeball gratification (see rule #4 for further clarification)

2. Cuts for picspams & spoilery things please

3. Teasers for icons please

4. Posts may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: pretty, funny, secksy, bloody, dirty, wounded, salting, burning, stabbing, punching, boyfighting, brotherly loving, exorcising, driving, passengering, holywatering, possessed--

*brain asplodes*

... pretty much any Supernatural man or woman in any condition. kthx.

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