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04 April 2008 @ 02:46 am
Sad!Winchester Love  
*Sneaks out from behind large wall of lurkdom*

Hey, everyone. I'm not new to the fandom (not really, since I've been drooling over these boys since ep 1) but I've never actively participated in it until recently... Dunno what came over me, but suddenly the Winchesters were all I could think about and I was inspired to do my first fanvid in over a year.

I'm nervous as hell, to be honest with everyone, cause there are so many AWESOME SPN vids out there. But I just wanted to pop over and share my first (hopefully of many) SPN vid. Please be kind lol

"Dance with the Devil" by renjifan aka Pinky
Song: "Dance with the Devil" by Breaking Benjamin
Genre: It's hard to say because I didn't actively try to incorporate Wincest into the vid... But the way these two look at each other.. Damn. Anyways, it's angst and action and love and all the above. Kinda hardcore but with simple effects.

See it over at my journal. Feedback is luv :) Thanks.

He had one job... Protect Sammy.